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In the 1930s, Pininfarina was established in Turin, Italy. Pininfarina is best known for its automotive designs and former decades-long partnership with Ferrari. Up to today, more than 100 Ferrari cars that have gone into production have been designed by Pininfarina. Nowadays Pininfarina is one of the best designing teams work in architecture, aviation, consumer electronics, home appliances, nautical, retail and transportation sectors. The history of HIGOLD as a company goes back to 1989. From the nineties, the company developed itself to a reliable manufacturer of kitchen hardware. From 2011 we may call ourselves a leading brand in China. In 2005 we decided to expand our business activities with furniture, to be precise top quality outdoor furniture. First under private label, later on, we decided to launch and build our own brand HIGOLD excellent outdoor. And today we are a well-known international brand and one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

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